Design and advertising services Design and advertising services Logo design business card office set flyer poster billboard post and story on Instagram Canada - Ontario - Toronto Contact number: 12269781208 A "logo" or "logo" is a graphic element of a visual sign that is arranged in a particular letter or font style or arranged in a special (but not necessarily legible) image shape. The shape, color, font, and… must be distinctly different from other similar symbols. A badge is a tangible and distinctive design to represent a specific set, product or service, which, in addition to referring to certain concepts, sometimes also reveals the characteristics and identity of an organization or product. Wikipedia - logo Simply put, a logo is a symbol of the name, along with a reference to the business area, to be engraved in the minds of the audience. Note that the minimum is important in creating a logo because it is supposed to convey charm, beauty and concept in the mind of the audience

Maria Catering Maria Catering Hello, dear friends, Maria Kitrink is welcome to order Khoshkar (delicious dessert of Gilan) for Saturday. In addition to ordering any new food is accepted, especially northern foods. Canada - Vancouver Contact number: 17786684750 Khoshkar noodles, a kind of dessert and traditional sweets of Gilanian  Khoushkaar dessert (pronounced Rashtè Khoushkaar in Gilaki) is a traditional dessert and sweet of the Gilanis.The most time of using this sweet is during Ramadan and it is also known as a special sweet for Ramadan. In the beautiful province of Gilan and especially the city of Rasht, this sweet is prepared for Iftar.In other words, all the fans of this sweet know it as  Rasht khoushkar. In Tehran and some other provinces, this sweet is prepared in special centers, especially during Ramadan. The main ingredients of Khoshkar: rice flour, walnut kernels, sugar, cardamom and cinnamon. The dryer is prepared on a tray made of high purity copper.Of course, this tray

advertsing tools designing We help make your business look better! Print and sew your business logo on T-shirt, Mag hat mask, print business card, banner, brochure card, brochure Vancouver - Canada Contact number: 16046288784  Massoud Zirak Nowadays, it is impossible to find a business that has not turned to advertising to increase its revenue and profitability.In fact, advertising is a way that allows employers to show their products or services to the public in the shortest possible time and in the most practical way availability and stay in their minds. However, today we live in an advanced world and in this regard, there are various solutions for businesses .But have you ever heard of the T-shirt impact on a brand's marketing? We must say that if you have not used this method for advertising so far, you have missed one of the greatest opportunities to introduce yourself to the public.You may think that only expensive expenses can keep you in the minds of the audience. But in the real wor

Niagara Jewelry Niagara Jewelry NRG Jewelry Turquoise Design 18-k gold Eating 3,34 g Total Pendant 3,98 g Total Telegram Channel Canada - Toronto Contact number: 16479291352 Gemstones are small decorative objects used for personal adornment in the form of brooches (tools), rings or rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets (ornaments). These objects can be attached to the human body or clothing. The term decorative objects here is limited to durable jewelry.For example, it does not contain flowers. For centuries, metals (often in combination with gemstones) have been common base materials for jewelry, but other materials such as oysters and plants can also be used. Jewelry is one of the oldest types of artifacts from an archaeological point of view. Beads made of 100,000-year-old Nasarius oysters are the oldest known jewelry.Jewelry has different basic shapes in each culture, but they usually have a long shelf life. In European cultures, the common forms o

International TV networks International TV networks Broadcast thousands of networks from all over the world and your country of residence. Networks of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, without the need for dishes, receivers and Archive boxes of the best netflix movies , imdb series and live sport. Telegram id: @asotvskandinavian Sweden Stockholm Contact number: 460729164480  Pouria Rastan You may have heard about Netflix many times during the day in the virtual world or in the words of movie lovers and followers. Netflix is ​​a network of media and film product support companies founded in 1998 in the United States.The company currently assigns about 37% of its users from the United States. In its first stages of growth, the company rented DVDs of various films. After that, it started producing different products and films, and finally, its productions acceded widespread viewers to different countries. In fact, movies companies that have admitted movie sample, can negotiate with Netfl

Olives Olives Sell ​​home-grown olives with free shipping to  Newmarket Canada - Ontario - New Market Phone number:  If you are one of those people who are looking for appetizers and all kinds of condiments in meals, then olives and cultivated olives and all kinds of salads are always on your table.Cultivated olives are one of the types of appetizers that we mostly see in northern cities and are available in different flavors with different tastes; From sour to sweet and smooth.Making olives at home, however, is more exciting, because it is made according to your own taste and you are sure of the health of the ingredients that are added to it. ingredients: Grenadine: 2 cups Walnut kernels: 300 grams Thyme: 1 tablespoon No core olives: 500 g Olive oil: 2 tablespoons Sour lemon juice: 2 tablespoons Dried mint powder: 1 tablespoon Dried pomegranate seeds: 2 tablespoons Preparation method: 1. To prepare the northern olives, we first grind the walnut kernels twice and pour them int

Transportation of household items Transportation of household items Transportation of household items throughout Stockholm SEK500 0706281919 Sweden - Stockholm Contact number: 46706281919 What to do before moving large and heavy objects from your home to a new location? Before performing the heavy and dangerous process of moving furniture; You need to do two sets of preparation steps beforehand so that you do not injure yourself or your objects while moving. Suitable equipment for safe upholstery of your furniture There is some furniture moving equipment without which it is not possible to do this while other equipment can be replaced. In any case, do not move your belongings without considering these care prerequisites. Carriage of objects: This wheeled device is a necessity for carrying furniture. When you move your belongings, you have to buy one of them or rent one from the freight and home furniture company in your neighborhood. Furniture Blanket: These items are also known arou